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农业- Xenia

农业 - Xenia

FFA members in FFA jackets 农业, Food and Natural Resources is open to freshman and sophomore first year agriculture students. Coursework will teach students how to work in groups and develop their leadership abilities through hands on activities. Students will use the animal science unit to promote proper animal husbandry and production to make sound decisions as a producer and consumer. Students will explain and demonstrate the basics in plant production and harvesting in helping make sound decisions as a consumer and producer.

Animal Science and 技术 is for second, third and fourth year agriculture students. Learners will develop business leadership, problem-solving and communication skills in relation to the science and technology of animals. Students will learn responsible animal management principles and routine husbandry practices as they relate to animal welfare and behavior. Learners will identify and describe the anatomy and physiology of monogastric and ruminant organisms as it applies to nutrition, 繁殖, and animal health. Learners will investigate animal genetics and how it impacts principles of animal improvement, selection and 市场营销.

Plant and Horticultural Science is open to second, third and fourth year agriculture students and focuses on skills and technologies essential for agricultural and/or horticultural crop production. Cultural and sustainable production practices will be examined. Students will apply scientific knowledge of plant development, nutrition, and growth regulation. Environmental aspects of irrigation, chemical application and soil conservation will be evaluated.

Science and 技术 of Food is open to second, third and fourth year agriculture students, this course will examine the research, 市场营销, processing and packaging techniques applied to the development of food products. Learners will examine principles of food preservation techniques and determine correlations to food sensory, shelf life and food stability. Learners will examine and develop food safety, sanitation, and quality assurance protocol.

Communications and Leadership is for senior agricultural students, who will use communication and leadership skills to become effective leaders. Students will learn how to conduct research and present their results using different forms of multi-media. Students will use parliamentary procedure and interpersonal skills to run a meeting. Students will learn the importance of team building. Students will promote diversity in their leadership skills and foster positive working relationships.

Career-Technical Student Organization affiliation - FFA

Contact The Instructor

Jacob Wuebben, 农业 instructor, at [email protected]

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